Our eBooks creatively teach and Inspire Children in so many ways 



Tired of boring templates, plug-in info and “insert photo here” books? Say bye bye to boring books. The LegendMaker builds legends around your already special and unique children and accentuates their personality and individual quirks and creates a Storyagraphy™ (biography and story (fiction).

The LegendMaker implements your child’s photos/artwork as illustrations in the Storyagraphy™ thereby building self-esteem, confidence, and popularity (spotlight every child needs) documented for a lifetime. As parents, close family, educators, and friends you can demonstrate your love for your little legends with his/her own Storyagraphy™. The LegendMaker’s mission is to construct heroes and build a better future for everyone; it is a win/win! Interested? Click on Storyagraphy™. Let me know you would like a Storyagraphy™.

The LegendMaker eBooks give children the tools to:

  • Reach viable and attainable win/win solutions
  • Keep minds open, accept self and others
  • Exercise insight using their own thoughts and actions to make a difference