The LegendMaker Service Agreement

We need the questionnaire (emailed/contact with client) filled out as detailed as possible because it will provide us with the pertinent information we need to create your “potential legend” for a “Storyagraphy.™” Every question is designed for a specific purpose. This is a chronicle of the major accomplishments of the potential legend in your life. Biography (non-fiction) and story (fiction) information help The LegendMaker create your Storyagraphy.™ The LegendMaker showcases your legends’ extraordinary skills and talents as well as his/her challenges that he/she has to overcome. We focus on and highlight everyday ordinary experiences as well as pivotal events or challenges: non-religious based occasions and celebrations, parties, baby showers, graduations, promotions etc… are welcomed.

Copyright & Ownership Rights
Storyagraphies™ are original pieces of literary work. Due to the sensitive nature of intellectual property, Storyagraphies™ will be copyrighted and owned The LegendMaker.

Production Time and Method of Delivery
Upon confirmed payment, the Storyagraphy™ will be written two-four weeks after payment is received (unless otherwise noted). The completed Storyagraphy ™ will be sent or emailed to the client unless otherwise agreed to by The LegendMaker and Client.

Our Website
We assure you that the information obtained from you will be used exclusively for The LegendMaker. We will not sell, release, or use your information for any other purposes.

Client (person financially responsible) agrees to pay The LegendMaker the sum of $130.00 per each original Storyagraphy™. Contact us: Storygraphy tab Contact us:

Please Note: We protect your privacy; however, we cannot guarantee against electronic criminals, hackers etc. that pervert information on the Internet. Please be prudent/cognizant of information given, the sensitivity for the Storyagraphy. Pictures, artwork and literary work are screened for appropriateness (at LegendMaker’s discretion) to use or reject for the protection of the child as well as The LegendMaker. We are not responsible for pictures and information used or obtained illegally by electronic criminals.

Your bio. Your story. Our creation.
$130.00 tax included & registered copyright (bi-annually).